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Free Audio Recorder is a tool that allows you to capture any sound on your computer, whether it comes from a music CD, a file, the microphone, or an Internet radio station.

The resulting files can be saved as WAV, OGG, or MP3 files and stored on your hard drive. You can even decide how long you want to leave a recording active, which is particularly useful if you want to record a program.

The application barely consumes any resources, and it has a very simple interface where all of the important elements are divided between tabs: the device information appears on one, the recording information on another, and the resulting file on a third.

In addition, all of the actions that you carry out with the program will be recorded in the log. So, you can check to see what exactly went wrong, if something does go wrong.

Free Audio Recorder is a good audio recording tool, which, in addition to the most common feature, which is allowing you to use the microphone to record yourself, also opens up many more interesting possibilities.
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